Preliminary Schedule

Friday, Nov. 30 2012
Workshops (reservations necessary)
Networking Party

Saturday, Dec 1 2012
Opening Ceremony
Plenary 1
Workshop (reservations necessary)
Plenary 2
Concurrent Sessions
Plenary 3
Storytelling & Performance Gala
Social Event

Sunday, Dec 2 2012
Concurrent Sessions
Plenary 4
Concurrent Sessions
Workshop (reservations necessary)
Plenary 5
Storytelling & Performance Gala
Social Event


3 thoughts on “Preliminary Schedule

  1. Observers are welcome especially for the Storytelling Gala on Saturday evening and the Sunday mid day performances. Please feel free to spread word in the community! There will be workshops (limited to 20, so sign up is required) on Friday evening (2) and one each on Saturday and Sunday. One set of workshops will be for teachers of younger learners and the other set will be for teachers (of any age group) to develop their craft of storytelling.

    • Thanks for your enthusiastic comment–we are hoping to make this an annual or biannual event (pending funding).
      If we can make that happen we will put you on the mailing list.

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